What features does LifeSmoke Vapors offer?

Save Money

Save Money

$6 a pack, $7 a pack, $8 a pack?  How high is it gonna go?  Depending where you live, you might already be paying this much or more!  And cigarette prices are only going to continue rising!  Electronic cigarettes can save you a lot of money!  Within the first carton's worth you vape, the Starter Kit will pay for itself and then some!  <Read More>
Break Free

Break Free from Tobacco!

Are you sick of saying "you need to quit" or "you're ready to quit" and still haven't done anything about it?  Our products are proven to break your habit, with countless customers now tobacco free, even 2 and 3 pack a day smokers!  Vaping is very realistic and allows you to feel like you are still smoking when you are certainly not.  <Read More>
No Smoking Sign

Vape Anywhere

Remember being able to smoke anywhere without being harassed by others in the room?  You can once again do this, and never feel guilty about second hand smoke!! Great for car-rides with your children or a busy day without a "smoke break"!  E-Cigs are becoming more and more socially acceptable with every day that passes!  <Read More>

What people think of LifeSmoke Vapors


I’ve been on SmokePass for about a month now and WOW!  I’ve gone from a pack+ a day to NONE and it was so easy!  It really doesn’t even feel like I’ve quit smoking cause they are so realistic.  The best part is I don’t have to go outside anymore.  I can even vape around my son.  Thank you Life Smoke!


I wasn’t looking to quit smoking, I was just looking for a healthier option.  Since I’ve made the switch, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my lungs already.  I’m super happy!

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I saw a comercial for ECigs on tv and got a phone call from my mother telling me they were at the mall.  My boyfriend and I went to the Capital City mall and discussed the product with Dana. We decided on a Deluxe Starter Kit.  I put my ECig next to my real smokes and when I wanted a smoke I would just pick up myECig and use it instead. In just 2 days I was off real cigs and haven’t looked back!

E-cigarettes could save millions of lives

ecig-hardware Switching to e-cigarettes could save millions of smokers’ lives, a conference on the increasingly popular devices heard Tuesday, though some experts warned more research on the health effects is needed.

The merits of e-cigarettes were thrashed out at a one-day gathering of some 250 scientists, policymakers, industry figures and enthusiasts at the Royal Society in London.

The use of electronic cigarettes — battery-powered devices that simulate smoking by heating and vaporizing a liquid solution containing nicotine — has grown rapidly, with tobacco manufacturers jumping on the trend. Continue Reading →

NY Marathon Runner Vapes from Start to Finish!

Jim-Oliver-NYMarathon-VaperVaper Runs Marathon, While Vaping!

Jim Oliver, a criminal defense lawyer, and vapory lounge owner gave a stunning performance at the NY Marathon this past Sunday.   Vaping and running you ask?   Yep, that’s exactly what he did for the entire 26.2 miles of the marathon, finishing up in just a little under 5 hours.   Best part is, while doing this he fielded questions about the product and habit, drawing quite a crowd!
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