LifeSmoke Vapors was founded October 1, 2011 in Hanover, Pa.  LSV is owned by Michael Curry.  Mike was a 2 pack a day smoker who most believed would die smoking a cig; however in just 2 weeks Mike was able to kick the habit using an Electronic Cigarette.  Floored by this amazing new product, Mike made the decision to bring it to Hanover.  We opened our first kiosk in Hanover on October 7, 2011 with plans of helping as many people as we could kick the habit for good.  The response has been amazing with countless quitters to date and many more switched over to the much healthier “vaping”.  We currently have 4 locations:  Hanover, Camp Hill, York and Chambersburg and have plans to continue growing!   LifeSmoke Vapors employees:  Dana, Ann, Rick, Weston,  Blake, Jan, Corey, Owen, David, Logan and Tony. Stop by and meet one of us today!

All ONLINE sales have been halted indefinitely, please visit us at one of our stores in the Central PA region.