Break Free from Tobacco!

Break FreeAre you sick of saying “you need to quit” or “your ready to quit” and still haven’t done anything about it.  Our products are proven to break your habit, with countless customers now tobacco free, even 2 and 3 pack a day smokers!  Vaping is very realistic and allows you to feel like you are still smoking when you are certainly not.  One of the biggest parts of the cigarette addiction is the oral fixation and E-Cigs provide that.  You can feel like you are smoking when you have already cut out up to 4000 chemicals and began to reduce your nicotine as well.  Whether you are a social smoker or a 3 pack a day smoker for 50 years, Electronic Cigarettes can have you tobacco free before you know it.  You can quit, we can help!

All ONLINE sales have been halted indefinitely, please visit us at one of our stores in the Central PA region.