ATOM Uwell Crown gCeramic VCC Coil

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ATOM Uwell Crown gCeramic VCC Coil 0.9ohm 20W-35W

Designed and engineered in the UK by Atom

These are  Uwell Crown compatible heads.

  • Rated resistance is 0.9ohm
  • Suitable for wattages from 20watts through to 35watts

They feature vertical ceramic coils and are literally 24CT Gold plated – yes Gold Plated!

As these heads are some of the most expensive available, we offer them in either single unit purchase or as a complete 4 Pack

“Atom VCC coils feature the latest medical grade ceramic coil heads, fused with a Ni-Chrome heating element. For the best taste and maximum longevity you can count on VCC coils to deliver every time.

NOTE: The coil pin/connector may need to be adjusted. If adjustement is needed, simply pull the pin out a millimeter and screw the coil into the tank.

Disclaimer: Priming your coil incorrectly will result in burning/dry hits. To prevent overheating and a burning wick, allow the coil to rest between each inhalation, the duration of which of which should not exceed 5 seconds.”

Priming Instructions

When using an Atom coil for the first time, you MUST prime the coil correctly to avoid burning the wick.

  1. Drip e-Liquid onto the visible cotton wicking openings
  2. Screw the coil into the tank & fill with liquid
  3. Fully assemble the tank
  4. Close off any airflow holes located on the tank
  5. DO NOT attach the tank to the battery/MOD
  6. Steadily inhale on the mouthpiece for 5 seconds
  7. Repeat the inhalation process five times
  8. Rest your tank for 5 minutes to insure the wick soaks up enough e-Liquid
  9. Set your MOD to 30 watts, then screw in your tank
  10. Open up your tanks airflow, you’re done!
  11. Fire up your MOD for 3 seconds and inhale
  12. If e-Liquid enters the mouth piece, fire up your MOD and blow into the mouth piece several times until the heat dissipates the excess liquid residing in the chimney.

Wattage Settings

Atom recommends coils should be used at 28w to 32w, higher wattage will run the risk of burning the wick as the heating elemnet will dry the wick faster. If operating at higher watts insure you prime the wick between each inhalation.

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