Cider Sauce

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We use only USP food grade ingredients from a variety of sources to create our e-liquids. The time and care that goes into crafting our juice ensures our customers a consistent flavor every time. We offer a premium vaping experience at a fair price.

We offer our customers a select line of flavors. More will be on their way, but we don’t want to just offer our customers an OK vape, we want to wow you over. You can be assured that if the product is being sold, then it is good. Every flavor we offer will be someone’s favorite.

Cider Sauce

Ever heard of the phrase “to-die-for”? Bet you didn’t know it was invented just for this sauce! You think I’m spoofing you? Well maybe so, but “to die for” is exactly what I said when I took the first tiny taste of this Cider Sauce. And the second and the … well, we won’t go any further. Let’s just say this Cider Sauce is quite irresistible!


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