EFEST 18350 Battery


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This is the Efest 18350 IMR battery. It features:

  • Efest IMR 18350 700 mAh 3.7V LI-MN High Drain Rechargeable Battery , Flat Top , Purple , 10.5 AMPS
  • The Efest IMR 18350 700mah 10.5 amp Flat Top High-Amp batteries are the newest most powerful battery Efest has made to date! These 10.5 amp high drain batteries are a Sub-Ohm’ers paradise and sure to please the most advanced vape hobbyist out there.
  • Size weight: 25g Length: 35.02mm Diamter: 18.21 mm
  • Voltage: 3.7V Full Charge voltage 4.2V
  • Charge Current 2.15A cycle life: 300 times


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