Hcigar Nemesis Mechanical Mod (Clone)

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Hcigar Nemesis Mechanical Mod (Clone)

Hcigar Nemesis Mechanical Mod (Clone) is the latest creation in the closest 1:1 ratio replica allowing the parts to be interchangeable with the original mod.

The stainless steel mod is designed with 3 battery tube extensions to use with different sized batteries.

A laser etched engraving is present with individualized serial numbers and logos, while the bottom button has a unique switch that enables to easily fire and maintain a comfortable grip in your hand.

When locking the firing button, the battery vent holes are concealed and the top cap ring allows you to have an adjustable air flow for maximum efficiency.

Colors available: Brass, Stainless Steel, Stainless/Gold, Copper and Black

Nemesis Mod Features:

· Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel\Gold, Copper, Black Plated, Brass.

· Laser Etched Engraving

· Individualized Numbering

· Silver Plated Firing Pin

· Adjustale Silver Plated Contact

· Firing Button Lock Feature

· Adjustable Air Flow w/Control Rings

· Extensions Tubes For Different Battery Sizes

· 510 Threaded Connector

· Dimensions: Depth: 22mm, Height: 109 mm, Width: 22 mm

· Thread Fitment: 510 thread type

There is a total of 7 pieces (top cap, bottom cap, 3 tubes, lock ring, beauty “kick” ring.

The caps can be disassembled into additional pieces but generalized as 1 piece.

· Weight: 200g (7 ounces)

· Battery Type: 18350 Tube, 18490/18500 Extension Tube, 18650 Extension Tube

Features include an adjustable pin, airflow control, bottom locking button, silver plated contacts and the familiar etching of the original. Extension tubes allow the use of any 18- series battery.

China is stepping up the clone game… Look at it! Beautifully finished and with great attention to detail, we can hardly wait to hear how this mod hits.

Mechanical mods are unregulated mods that operate by point of contact, therefore, the device is powered by the battery touching the contacts in the unit. Mechanical mods do not use a circuit board nor do they have any wiring. The output voltage of a mechanical mod will vary according to different factors such as the size of battery that is being used or if the battery is fully charged or not.

 If your desire or goal so to speak is in fact making huge clouds of vapor a Rebuildable Atomizer paired with a Mechanical Mod is your best best.

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Brass, Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel (Gold)


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