Joyetech Ultimo Coils

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Joyetech Ultimo Coils 5 Pack

MG Series Heads for ULTIMO
The new MG series heads, including MG Ceramic-0.5ohm head, MG Clapton-0.5ohm head, MG QCS-0.25ohm head and MG RTA head with unique shape are especially and perfectly designed for the ULTIMO atomizer.
MG Ceramic-0.5ohm head applies the innovative Ceramic material with long-lasting lifespan brings you great pure flavor ever. Spiting and leakage can be avoided. It adopts 100% pure cotton and can be used under high temperature condition, providing large vapor production with a pure flavor.
ULTIMO Atomizer
MG Clapton-0.5ohm coil provides more surface area
which offers more contact with the e-Liquid and
a better cloud and flavor in general.
ULTIMO Atomizer
MG QCS-0.25ohm Head, featuring Quick Change System,
allows you to change the cotton quickly with ease.
The NotchCoilTM inside especially offers you great flavor.ULTIMO Atomizer
Beyond the standard configuration, there’s also the new MG
RTA Head for you. Featuring an rebuildable structure and the
pre-wrapped NotchCoilTM you can easily customize
the ULTIMO atomizer with this tiny MG RTA Head.ULTIMO Atomizer

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0.25, 0.5 Ceramic, 0.5 Clapton


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