Lookah Unicorn Replacement Coils



Lookah Unicorn Replacement Coils

Lookah Unicorn Replacement Coils


Unicorn Hive 3pk Coils

  • The quartz core has three holes where the coils run through to provide an even temperature profile that heats up in seconds. A ceramic dish in these atomizer coils helps retain the heat for greater efficiency. These features combine offer a rich full-flavor vapor with every hit.

Unicorn Quartz Cup 3pk Coils

  • These atomizers come complete with quartz dish. There are also four (4) additional dishes so this pack will least you through hundreds of dabs.
    The atomizer base screwes into the atomizer slot on the Unicorn e-rig. The interchangeable quartz dish sits on a pancake coil in the bottom of the atomizer base. This coil evenly heats the dish for even vaporization of your concentrates. The best results are achieved when using the auto/preheat function of the Unicorn electric dab rig. Package Includes:


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