Praxis (HCigar)

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The HCigar Praxis is a mechanical mod that has a number of unique features.

A unique two-stage switch design integrates an auto-locking feature into it to prevent accidental firing, while ensuring solid and reliable hits.

Brass hybrid cap allows atomizers to sit flush to the top of the tube for a small size, while also allowing for a direct 510 to battery positive connection. Yet, another point for reduced voltage drop to yield harder hits!

Single monotube construction for 18650 battery provides a clean look, while allowing for maximum electrical conductivity (due to less connection joints.)

Unique two stage switch and thin hybrid top cap allows the device to be extremely short, and one of the shortest available on the market!

Fits 18650 battery only, or 18490/500 with Kick.

Available in copper or brass.


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