Stingray 26650 (HCigar Clone)

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Stingray is another beautiful and popular mod performed by Hcigar company. On the main body is engraved “Stingray” logo and the serial number, the body is made from stainless steel, brass or black painted copper. Firing button has engraved another logo in the shape of the letter “S”. The head has an air control ring and the power button is based on neodymium magnets.

Mod Stingray is available in three versions, differ in the material of which they are made:
– stainless steel with brass elements
– brass with stainless steel elements
– black painted copper

Additional information:
– black painted copper
– laser engraved logo and a unique serial number
– no electronic components, fully mechanical mod
– top cap with air control
– firing button with neodymium magnets
– adapted to battery 26650
– 510 thread

The kit includes:
– head with 510 thread
– the firing button
– an elegant box with Hcigar company logo


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