Joie Minier

I saw a comercial for ECigs on tv and got a phone call from my mother telling me they were at the mall.  My boyfriend and I went to the Capital City mall and discussed the product with Dana. We decided on a Deluxe Starter Kit.  I put my ECig next to my real smokes and when I wanted a smoke I would just pick up myECig and use it instead. In just 2 days I was off real cigs and haven’t looked back!

Chris Whited

I wasn’t looking to quit smoking, I was just looking for a healthier option.  Since I’ve made the switch, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my lungs already.  I’m super happy!

Ben Shaffer

I’ve been on SmokePass for about a month now and WOW!  I’ve gone from a pack+ a day to NONE and it was so easy!  It really doesn’t even feel like I’ve quit smoking cause they are so realistic.  The best part is I don’t have to go outside anymore.  I can even vape around my son.  Thank you Life Smoke!

All ONLINE sales have been halted indefinitely, please visit us at one of our stores in the Central PA region.